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R&D Services 

We make it our business to develop the best and most attractive filters in the market. To do this, A.L Group is constantly purchasing global reports to keep our research library up to date which helps us to ensure we are developing filters for the most recent applications in the market.

We identify trends, such as making our filters suitable for Bio-Diesel, new OEMs, or an emerging market that needs serving, to keep us ahead of the curve. 

When a new car comes onto the market we are always ready for any OEM changes or new developments required to fill the range of filters for the new vehicle.

We constantly monitor the market in search of new developments, techniques, technologies and changes.

We are committed to supplying our customers with the best performing, ‘claims free’ filters.

When you purchase one of A.L. GROUP's products you can be sure that it is completely free from claims and can be mounted into all applications – the same as the OE filter.