By Liron Topaz

V.P. of Marketing & Business Development 




All marketing professionals will tell you that brand identity is key to generating new business. But what do you do when your company has no brand? How can you create brand identity when consumers only know you as a shadow supplier?

A.L. GROUP is a filter manufacturer without a brand, and has been developing the perfect formula to answer this question over more than 50 years.

And the answer is simple:

Services, relationships and reputation.

Although we don't have a product brand that will be seen on the shelf, A.L GROUP has become a well-respected company in the industry thanks to our unique business strategy.  While other suppliers invest time, effort and money into extending their own brand recognition, we are focused on services that will help our customers achieve that goal. 

Our mission is to support our customers in expanding their own product ranges by supplying our filters packed and branded according to their specifications.

In addition to being a quality filter manufacturer, we see ourselves as solutions providers and true partners to our customers. Because the only way for us to grow our business is to directly contribute to the growth and success of our customers.

But how do you build relationships that will create these mutual benefits?

It’s essential that you work with full transparency. Invest in excellent customer service, keep your customers up-to-date with your activities, and take the time to learn your market so that you can educate them about market trends and developments.

Our customers know that purchasing from A.L. GROUP means that they don't need to worry about quality control, logistics, technical issues, branding, packaging, marketing information and so much more. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for the entire service package.

The advantage of not having an official brand is that we invest our time and financial resources in more important areas such as cataloging services, market research and new product development. Utilizing the fact that we are located in a high-tech country, A.L. GROUP has developed one of the most sophisticated PLM systems in our industry. This gives us a big advantage in data management and allows easy access to all marketing, technical and commercial information.

Our marketing staff maintains and develops cataloging services that provide our customers with the most current and accurate cross reference and vehicle data on the market. Our product managers are constantly monitoring trends and market activities in order to make the best R&D decisions that will provide our customers with the right product at the right time.  

More than 50 years in the filtration business has given us the experience to develop special product designs that provide solutions to complex technical issues. Our customers see us as the answer to the challenges they face. Monitoring and understanding the market allows us to be proactive and offer solutions even before there is a need to. We aim to be faster than the market in order to protect our customers’ brands.

A.L Group's extensive branding capabilities are showcased at all of our manufacturing facilities. We take full responsibility for the preparation of graphics, boxes, labels, prints and installation instructions as per customers’ specifications. This way they get the same box design and quality whether the filters are manufactured in China, Israel, Bulgaria or the U.S.

These services provide a foundation for a strong and stable relationship with our customers, and contribute to our reputation as a premium supplier of filtration solutions.

By understanding problems, and then solving them, we give our customers the peace of mind that you can only get when you are working with a truly professional and complete service provider.


We don't sell filters, we provide filtration solutions.