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Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is to build a growing international company that provides quality filtration solutions for the automobile and HD industries.

We strive to be a strategic partner to all our clients, to operate with excellence throughout the entire value chain and with all

stakeholders and to create an inspiring workplace for our employees.


Our Values

Our company values are the core of everything we do and stand for. 

We see these as behavioral rules which our people are expected to embrace to further our success and that of our customers.

Commitment - We are always learning, always improving and persistently striving to exceed the high standards we have set.  Our focus is to always go beyond our customers’ expectations and to be the best.

Quality - The quality of our products and services that we provide to our customers play a significant role in the reliability of the world’s automobiles.  We view quality as fundamental to our business activities and therefore are committed to continual quality improvement.

Professionalism – Our duty to perform according to the highest standard of professionalism is taken very seriously.  We are determined to deliver outstanding results to our customers and build long lasting relationships.

Service - Customer Service Excellence is crucial to the success of our business. We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring the commitments that we have made to them.

Innovation - We are just like our customers - always looking for smart ways to continuously innovate.  Our goal is to provide our customers with filtration solutions that help them succeed in the global automotive industry.