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Company Profile

After an impressive five decades of business and being a ‘silent’ partner to our customers, AL Group has evolved into a global filtration solution provider trusted by all the major international brands in the automotive filter industry.

We are very proud to have the privilege of working so closely with our customers to consistently bring innovative new products into the market.  As filtration speci

alists we develop long-term strategic partnerships with our customers that are based on mutual benefits.  By partnering with us our customers are assured peace of mind that they will benefit from the best filters on the market, at the best price and delivered on time.

A truly global company, A.L Group now has facilities in the US, China, Europe and the Middle East, enabling our strong workforce to rapidly deliver shipments of any size, anywhere in the world.   A.L Group’s product portfolio includes all filter types for the automotive market.




A.L. GROUP management recognizes its responsibility to develop not only successful but also socially responsible business with concern for environmental protection, health and safety of people. Our striving to win the trust of customers and all interested parties is built not only on the base of high quality but also on the Environmental policy adopted in our company based on:

Motivation of staff, formation of corporate culture, training and qualification improvement of conditions for safe operation; Strict compliance with all the applicable for our production laws and regulations for environmental protection; Development, producing and selling products with non-negative environmental impact, with the possibility of recycling; Reduction of waste and disposal costs and conscious desire to increase the quantities of recycled waste;Take precautions against potential contamination of the environment by oil spills or spills of hazardous substances; Continuous aspiration to reduce natural resource use; Periodic evaluation of compliance with applicable requirements regarding the environment and updating depending on changes in the aspects of our business and regulatory and other requirements; Continuous improvement of the Environmental management system; Assessment of the achieved performance indicators and improvement the overall environmental management system based on our products, services, setting concrete targets, and objectives in this respect. The targets and objectives are being reviewed on an annual bases by the management of the company at the yearly management review to continually reduce the negative impact on the  Environment.

 The management of the company disclosed this Environmental Policy to all employees in the company and all subcontractors, and requires their continuous work to achieve the global objectives of environmental protection.

 The management of A.L. GROUP undertakes the appropriate measures to protect the environment and human health.

 According to ISO 14001 A.L. GROUP is manufacturing automotive filters and plastic components for them.

 In pursuit of this policy, A.L. GROUP will meet the high requirements regarding quality and environment in accordance with international standard ISO 14001.

The A.L. FILTER group has an American subsidiary which acts as a marketing and warehouse for the American continent. In addition, the company is being represented in the Australian continent by "Concord Australia".